Is your logo in focus? Have your own logo watch.

Are you looking for private labels watches? 

We can help you! Design your own private labels watches.

So if you are looking for something new to your customers and employees for gifts?
Why not try your very own logo-watch with your own brand this time?  

Why? Here is four good reasons

  1. Because it's a different and personal gift.
  2. Appreciate your good employees and loyal customers. It is strong marketing and effective signal value "We appreciate your time".
  3. You can write your private message and put your logo on both sides of the watch, on the dial and on the back case.
  4. Your brand is on their hand - 24-7 - all week - all year. That's strong advertising.

Logo watches

We design and produce logo wrist watches for your company and your club. It could be anniversary logowatches, advertising logowatches, merchandise logowatches, event watches, give-a-way watches and souvenir watches.

Designer watches

We also offer personal and unique employee gifts at selected designer watches as corporate gifts. It could be for customer gifts, anniversary gifts, event gifts and corporate gifts.
Here you can get your company logo and text engraved on the back of the designer watch. All the watches are delivered in a smart gift box and a nice gift bag.
Contact us today and hear about your selection and options.

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